600 Days Since nr Miss02

Safety is our DNA


Safety is Always Paramount at Svendborg Brakes

Safety is at all times of utmost importance, and the slightest indication of a “near miss” is immediately noted and procedures re-evaluated.

We, at Svendborg Brakes, have just celebrated 600 days without a near miss, but we do not stop here. Every single one of us is absolutely focused on reaching 1000 days!

The same goes for our product production - safety is never compromised! A unique state of the art test center enables us to simulate ’real life’ situations, which makes our products the most tested and certified products in the world.

Congratulations to everybody in Svendborg Brakes for always keeping Safety an absolute priority!

Picture: Svendborg Brakes in Brazil



About Svendborg Brakes

Svendborg Brakes is the preferred and trusted provider of intelligent braking solutions. Our commitment to unmatched quality in design, products, testing, supply chain and after sales support makes us Global Leading Experts.


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