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Global Leading Experts in intelligent braking solutions
Actually, trust is our primary commodity. When you choose products, solutions and services from the Global Leading Experts in intelligent braking solutions, trust is what you buy. Our global mindset and vision combined with our market-leading position and decades of accumulated expertise all add up to this one, decisive word. Trust us, and you can rely on your operation.

Svendborg Brakes creates high growth for all our customers by innovating, testing and delivering world-class braking solutions. We are value-driven and customer-focused, and we continuously strive for superior and unmatched quality in design, products, testing, certification and services. This makes us Global Leading Experts and the preferred and trusted designer and supplier in the field of intelligent braking solutions to the world's renewable energy and heavy industries.

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No matter how challenging your operation, and no matter how remote your location, Svendborg Brakes will be there. Our global mindset and vision enable us to deliver our market-leading solutions and services across branches and borders alike. In other words, we are able to serve you and service your operation no matter when and where. We are global because you are.

From the conveyor belt at a remote Peruvian mining site to the world's largest power station at the Three Gorges Dam in China. We know the conditions and we acknowledge the challenges that these specific conditions provide for you and your operation. Consequently, we are able to deliver exactly the right solution every time. Because our operation is as global as yours.

With manufacturing facilities in Denmark and China, as well as offices in Australia, Chile, Denmark, China, Poland, Spain, Korea, India, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Germany, and the United States, we are always close to our customers. This honours our commitment to success for both our customers and ourselves - across industries and borders.



Svendborg Brakes is a value-driven company. Every solution, every service and every interaction with us must add value to your operation. We are committed to persistent innovation, improvement and unmatched quality in order to remain market leaders. That is why working with us ensures you the ability to stay ahead in your field of competition, as we have done in ours for decades.

When doing business with the market leader in intelligent braking solutions, customers have every right to expect nothing but the best. We do everything possible to live up to these expectations, innovating and improving solutions in accordance with your specific needs. Your value is our driver.



Svendborg Brakes is a company of experts. Decades of R&D investments and the extensive accumulated know-how of our employees make us experts in our field. Thus we can credibly assist you in your efforts to achieve the same status in your field of operation.

This dedication to excellence requires a constant search for talents with superior qualifications in their field, while simultaneously nurturing the capable employees that are already a part of the company. Such focus on R&D investments has helped keep Svendborg Brakes ahead in the business - even in tough times. Furthermore, it makes for a nourishing diversity within the work force, which counts people from a wide variety of countries, cultures and educational backgrounds. As a customer you will benefit from having direct access to the diverse expertise of our employees and of the company as a whole.

Compromise is not in our creed. We are relentless in designing and testing the quality of our products and solutions to the extreme, knowing that the uptime of your operation depends on it. Our design services include extensive R&D, prototyping, redesign and testing at both our production facilities and at customers' sites around the world.

Our expertise will not let you down. Once you have purchased our solution and implemented it in your operation the expertise of our unique after sales support will be there for you. This commitment to good and reliable service is worth far more than compromising on prices and quality. After sales support include technical support either on site or by phone, spare parts delivery guarantee and dedicated training both on site and at Svendborg Brakes' facilities. Actual training academies have been set up in both Denmark and the Czech Republic in order for us to properly train the employees of our customers.

360 ° brake solutions<


DESIGN SERVICES is the starting point of the process ensuring that your braking solution is just right for your specific operation.

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PRODUCTS covers our wide range of solutions for your operation. Our extensive testing and product quality is second to none.

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SUPPLY CHAIN SERVICES allows us to meet your needs no matter what they are – and no matter where you are.

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AFTER SALES SUPPORT is your guarantee that we will never let your operation out of mind or sight. We deliver way beyond products.

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