Global Leading Experts in intelligent braking solutions
Actually, trust is our primary commodity. When you choose products, solutions and services from the Global Leading Experts in intelligent braking solutions, trust is what you buy. Our global mindset and vision combined with our market-leading position and decades of accumulated expertise all add up to this one, decisive word. Trust us, and you can rely on your operation.



No matter how challenging your operation, and no matter how remote your location, Svendborg Brakes will be there. Our global mindset and vision enable us to deliver our market-leading solutions and services across branches and borders alike. In other words, we are able to serve you and service your operation no matter when and where. We are global because you are.



Svendborg Brakes is a value-driven company. Every solution, every service and every interaction with us must add value to your operation. We are committed to persistent innovation, improvement and unmatched quality in order to remain market leaders. That is why working with us ensures you the ability to stay ahead in your field of competition, as we have done in ours for decades.



Svendborg Brakes is a company of experts. Decades of R&D investments and the extensive accumulated know-how of our employees make us experts in our field. Thus we can credibly assist you in your efforts to achieve the same status in your field of operation.