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Design Services - experienced R&D and extensive testing ensures solutions you can trust

Value- and customer-driven innovation have always been at the very core of Svendborg Brakes. Our customers depend on us to be the Global Leading Experts in intelligent braking solutions. We are obliged to live up to that position and earn your trust by constantly focusing on and refining our R&D and testing efforts.


Speak up - we will listen

We have a strong tradition for gathering unique market insights from every customer we encounter as well as from the market in general. We use this insight as the primary driver in our well-founded and extremely practically oriented R&D division. The innovation, designing, prototyping and testing that we do is what ensures you the best, safest and most contemporary solutions in the market. We constantly strive to meet your demands and needs, and at the same time we always have an eye for improving what we have already engineered. Even world-leading solutions can be improved, and even more value can be added - in durability, quality, endurance, and so forth. Improvement never ceases.

Innovating the solutions you need at a desk is one thing. At Svendborg Brakes our skilled engineers can literally take their drawing from the desk and into the workshop and test center right next door, allowing them to test how products, materials and constructions react to e.g.:

  • Temperatures ranging from minus 50 to plus 70 degrees Celsius
  • Static, dynamic, fatigue and destructive tests in different conditions
  • Full-scale, 24-hour testing
  • The exact setting and environment of a specific operation
  • Maritime conditions with high concentrations of corrosives


At our test center we also put materials from our suppliers and potential suppliers to the test. These materials include e.g. valves, pistons and coatings. We are even able to simulate our customers' complete setup and put it to the test in order to ensure that all components will work as intended under the exact conditions provided.

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