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We Never Settle For Second Best

In order to deliver world class products and services around the world and around the clock, we need to stay at the top of our game. That is why we work relentlessly to ensure a safe working environment and subsequently as little absence as possible due to injuries.

How do we do it

We do this by including the people it’s all about, the employees of Svendborg Brakes. In our company health and safety are common issues, which benefit both employees and customers.

We have strict safety procedures! We always do our absolute most to ensure that nobody at Svendborg Brakes is placed in a situation where safety is compromised in order to carry out the daily duties.

Implementing these procedures many years ago was not the result of an accident, it was to avoid it from ever happening!

Employee and customer safety goes hand in hand

Our stringent practices for employee safety goes hand in hand with our strategy for superior product quality - it's all about ensuring optimal safety and reliability for the end-users.

We simply do not accept second best, we are relentless in our mission to avoid accidents and the slightest indication of a 'near miss' is always immediately noted and procedures re-evaluated.


Nothing is more important than ensuring people return home safely at the end of each working day - and that goes for Svendborg Brakes employees as well as our customers who handle our products and rely on them.

The trust of our customers means everything to us!

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