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Brake Pads Organic

Organic Friction Material

For decades Svendborg Brakes have developed brake systems for Wind and Industrial applications, and offer our factory approved and tested genuine OEM, OES and Aftermarket friction materials.

Typical applications for our brake systems: wind and tidal turbines, mining conveyors, hydropower, cranes, propulsion systems, deck equipment, hoists, draw-works, elevators & escalators and dam turbines.

Organic material contain no asbestos and generally can cope with dusty environments, and are somewhat resistant to most chemicals, greases and oils. However, it has to be taken into account that any contamination of the brake material or disc will result in a decrease of the friction level. Such a friction change, can have significant negative impact, so we emphasize the importance of avoiding any pad and disc contamination, keeping the complete brake system clean and dry

Our friction materials comply to REACH and are not be marked according to CLP rules.

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