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Actually, trust is our primary commodity. When you choose products, solutions and services from the Global Leading Experts in intelligent braking solutions, trust is what you buy. Our global mindset and vision combined with our market leading position and decades of accumulated expertise within industrial brakes all add up to this one, decisive word. Trust us, and you can rely upon your operation.


Reliable solutions, ultimate up time and zero problems. We know you can’t afford to fail. So we won’t.

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improve safety!

Groundbreaking new yaw brake lifting and installation tool setting new standards

The LBS 120 and the LBS 90 are the new and innovative yaw brake lifting & installation tools. They offer a safe and fast way to completely remove and install yaw brakes during service.

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Green Alternative

Asbestos free friction material for Yaw Brakes.

Contains less than 0.1% Mercury, Chromium 6+ and Lead and less than 0.01% Cadmium.

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At 18 trade shows around the world.

Svendborg Brakes exhibits at a large number of trade shows in 2018. Please click below for a list of all the shows we will attend this year.

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Svendborg Brakes is the global market leader in intelligent braking solutions.

The Wheel illustrates Svendborg Brakes’ value and business model. Trust is the overt centre around which all of our solutions and services revolve.

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The industries to which we strive to be the preferred provider of these products and solutions include: Wind, Oil & Gas, Mining, Tidal, Hydro, Marine and Cranes.


Svendborg Brakes' comprehensive product range makes us your answer to one-stop brake shopping and supply.

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Reliable and safe hydraulic braking systems for a wide range of applications. Our engineers design highly flexible power units with full safety functionality and performance.

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We truly welcome your application for our vacant positions as well as your unsolicited application, if you wish to be a part of our team of global leading experts.

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