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Conveyor Take-Up Winch


BSFK 527 Braking System with Soft Braking Options (SOBO® iQ)

Location La Serena, Chile


Svendborg Brakes supplied SOBO® iQ controlled brake system for “Smart” take-up winch on conveyor at copper mine in Chile.

The winch is used to adjust and maintain the conveyor belt’s tension during operation. However, this is the first take-up winch to accurately maintain torque control even during power failure by utilizing the SOBO iQ. The 2,650 m (1.64 mile) long conveyor can transport ore at a rate of 11,400 mtph. Svendborg Brakes’ unique soft braking control (SOBO iQ) is used to provide torque-limited braking during winch drive failure by effectively allowing the take-up winch to slowly release the conveyor belt tension.

This is achieved by monitoring the line pull of the winch cable. When the winch line-pull from the cable reaches the set limit, the SOBO iQ decreases the brake torque to allow the winch drum to slip. Maintaining control of the take-up winch in this manner prevents damage to the belt as well as the mechanical components of the conveyor.

The complete braking system, consisting of two Model BSFK 527 caliper disc brakes, a SOBO iQ controller, a hydraulic power unit, a brake disc, two dynamometers, and an Ameridrives FS 209 hub, provides parking and emergency control of the winch drum. The spring-applied, hydraulically released BSFK 527 brakes act on a 1.9 m diameter disc, mounted to the low-speed side of the drive shaft.

In normal operation, the brake system is used to park the winch by providing a minimum of 315,630 Nm (232,796 lb.ft.) of torque during full torque operation. During a power failure, the SOBO iQ is set to release tension when the winch builds 200,000 Nm (147,512 lb.ft.) of torque.

The system was commissioned by Svendborg Brakes, Chile. Its facility, located in La Serena, Chile, serves the region as a critical spare part warehouse and repair center.

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