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Yaw Slide Systems

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Svendborg Brakes yaw systems are designed and developed through significant R&D and testing investments and are considered state of the art for all modern medium and large wind turbines. All systems include a means of rotatable connection between the nacelle and the tower, and act as a rotation restriction of the nacelle. The actual components of the systems vary depending on the design characteristics.

Sliding Passive

Sliding Passive

Sliding Passive

Sliding Passive

Sliding Passive

YSFA Yaw Slide Systems

The YSFA series comprises spring applied yaw slide bearings with both axial and radial support segments to work as load carrying components. The product family offers passive, hydraulic active as well as hybrid models, tailored to fulfil customer needs for performance and footprint specifications, making it ideal for sliding systems in Wind Turbines. 

Key Benefits

Closed passive / spring applied yaw slide system 
Customized design to work as load carrying component 
Large brake pad area for minimized wear, stress and lower disc temperatures 
Few moving parts, easy maintenance and lifting eyes available for safe handling 
Grease ports and channels for optimized performance 
Prepared for installation of various monitoring systems 
Broad selection of friction and sliding materials available 
State of the art yaw systems reducing, noise, stress, peak, wear and service

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