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About Us

We stop the world’s largest machines
We are Global Leading Expert in intelligent braking solutions, and we love big machines. The bigger the machine, the better our brakes must be. Our world leading solutions are designed, tested and produced in order to secure the up-time that your operation depends on. We know you can't afford to fail. So we won't.

Highlights from our history
The company was founded in 1884. Back then, we built machines for industrial companies. In 1989 we took over the rights to manufacture disc brakes from Hägglunds Drives and became specialists. We also changed our name at that time and recognised the new company focus by deleting our first name "Maskinfabrik" and adding "Brakes" to "Svendborg".

In 1990, we delivered our first brakes to customers in the mining industry. We entered into the wind industry the following year. In 1999 we started our German business, followed by Spain in 2000, The United States in 2002 and China in 2007. Our mindset is global, and in order to be truly global we must be close to our customers, regardless of where in the world their projects are located. Today, we have manufacturing facilities in Denmark, China and Brazil, as well as offices in Denmark, Germany, China, USA, Australia, Korea, South Africa, Chile and Spain.