Mine Chair Lift P-7982-SV

Platinum Mine Chair Lift


The Challenge 

A leading mine conveyor OEM required a reliable caliper braking solution for a mine chair lift system installed at a South African platinum mine. Driven by a 120 HP (90 kW) electric motor, the chair lift system utilizes a series of individual seats that are suspended from an overhead 26 mm (1 in.) dia. cable.

The cable lift system operates in a continuous loop to transport up to 900 miners per hour in and out  of the mine shaft, including a 35 degree inclined passage.

The brakes, acting on a large diameter disc positioned over the 1100 mm (43 in.) dia. bullwheel that drives the primary lift cable, protect personnel and equipment in the event of a power failure or in an emergency stop situation.

The Solution

Svendborg Brakes supplied Model BSFI 360 spring-applied, hydraulically-released brakes that provide 48,000 Nm (35,403 lb.ft.) braking torque to meet the challenging mine chair lift application  requirements.

A custom-designed Svendborg Brakes hydraulic power unit was also supplied.

The unit features fail-safe 2-stage controlled braking and a parking/service safety valve. The two braking modes can be controlled locally on the HPUs control panel or remotely via the end user’s main PLC. The HPUs are manufactured in-house and are equipped to monitor oil level and temperature, motor and pump function, and operational pressure.

BSFI 300 Series dual-spring fail-safe, direct-acting hydraulically-released caliper brakes Custom hydraulic power unit manufactured and tested in-house.


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