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Optimizing Service Operations
Design and development of customer-specific service supporting tools, tailor-made in order to optimize your service operations and prolong product lifespan. Fast, safe and proven!

  • Disc Resurfacing Tool
    Service tool that completely renovates yaw discs after years of wear and tear. Specifically developed
    by Svendborg Brakes engineers. 

  • Yaw Brake Lifting & Installation Service Tool
    Our brand new and innovative yaw brake lifting and installation tool, offering a safe and very fast way to completely remove and install yaw brakes during service, is now available. 

  • Anti-Glazing Groove Solution
    To help independent service providers (ISPs) as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Svendborg Brakes has completed an in-depth analysis of the issue and the outcome has been a patented innovation that delivers a long-lasting solution.

    This is just one example of how to reduce yaw noise, we have several other innovative solutions including our noise reducing friction materials. Please contact us for a customized proposal.