Groove Tool

Svendborg Brakes Anti-Glazing Groove Innovation

To help independent service providers (ISPs) as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Svendborg Brakes has completed an in-depth analysis of this issue, and the outcome has been a patented innovation that delivers a long-lasting solution.

By cutting a specially-shaped groove into the brake disc it is possible to remove existing glazing and prevent it from occurring in the future. The groove does not increase brake pad wear significantly, but it does help to remove the build-up of powdered material.

What is glazing?

  • It is a by-product of braking
  • It is a powdered mixture of removed pad and disc material
  • Glazing performes best at slow speed and constant pressures
  • It happens to all brakes - not only on wind turbines

Patented solution 
This Anti-Glazing Groove solution is patented by Svendborg Brakes (EP13169205). 

Other noise reduction solutions

This is just one example of how to reduce yaw noise, we have several other innovative solutions including our noise reducing friction materials. Because of the various options available, we strongly recommend to contact us for a customized proposal.